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      REVIEWS of ALOHA HAWAIIAN VACATIONS' All Inclusive Vacation Packages To Waikiki Beach (Honolulu-Oahu), Maui, Kauai, & "Big Island" of Hawaii - and FAQs.


  • Is this a TOUR?

    No, this is not a Tour - our package is simply an all-inclusive vacation. "Tours" have a rigid cut-in-stone itinerary requiring you to dine at a certain time and do everything with the same people every day, and Tours usually offer very few choices, if any. With our unique Package, you have almost all of Hawaii's most popular activities included along with Breakfasts and Dinners (meals) at some of Hawaii's best restaurants, and you dine whenever you desire - plus you have much flexibility and many choices to tailor your Vacation Package to your liking, and you'll also have lots of free time.

  • If we are not with a tour group, how do we know what to do?

    You have a very easy-to-understand itinerary/voucher with simple, clear instructions. Our clients love its simplicity & the perfect easy flow of their vacation.

    Will I be too busy if I take this all-inclusive package?

    No, we challenge you to carefully review our Vacation packages. This will reveal to you that most every afternoon is open, however, you still get to see and experience all aspects of Hawaii. For more than 30 years our travelers have told us that our All Inclusive Hawaii Vacation Packages offer a perfect balance of "on-and-off" time - allowing them to have a perfect blend of activities and relaxation.

    Is it better to wait and plan my activities & events after I'm there?

    Why waste your valuable time in paradise sitting in a dark travel office waiting your turn (while everyone else is out having fun), then only to hope that you will receive good advice and quality activities & events once you book; plus, coordinating your many activity schedules can also be confusing & create schedule problems. Why not let us totally oversee this with our unseen hand while you are playing on the beach, relaxing by the pool, or doing whatever you desire.

    Isn't Maui better than Oahu (Waikiki Beach, Honolulu)?

    Although Maui is a great place, those who have a deeper knowledge of the islands, know that Oahu is just as great or maybe better, with many more things to see & do, and with just as much remote beautiful scenery. That's why almost ALL of the "nature-type" movies and TV series have been filmed on Oahu, (including Jurassic Park, Bay Watch, Blue Crush, Lost, North Shore, Pearl Harbor, Magnum P.I., Hawaii Five-O etc., & Not on Maui.

    What if I have Frequent Flyer Free Tickets or have already purchased my Air Tickets?

    No problem. If you have your own air you may delete the Mainland to Hawaii Flight from our Vacation Packages, and Deduct the amount shown on the DEPARTURE CITIES PAGE (Click Here For More Info). Those who already have their air and hotel may purchase our DINING & ACTIVITIES PACKAGE (Click Here For More Info). Round-Trip Airport To Waikiki Hotel TRANSFERS & Flower LEI May Be Added (Click Here For More Info).

    Why should I trust Aloha Hawaiian Vacations?

    Aloha Hawaiian Vacations/Overman Hawaii Int'l has been in operation since 1982 (for more than 30 years) and has a perfect record with America's utmost business reporting agency - The Better Business Bureau (Click For BBB Report). We are also long-time Members of ASTA and members of the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce for more than 20 years. We operate with ultra conservative Business principles, paying as we go, and are very secure financially, thanks be to God. You may read Reviews about our Company by CLICKING HERE.

    When is the best time to visit Hawaii?

    We experience beautiful weather year-round, with an average of only a 7-degree fluctuation in temperature all year, with a medium temperature of 82 degrees.



    How do I get a Brochure?

    Please see HAWAII BROCHURES.

    Do you work with Travel Agents?

    Yes, we do. However, you may also book directly with an ALOHA HAWAIIAN VACATIONS friendly and knowledgeable representative. Call 1-800-256-4211 or email: [email protected]

    When should I book?

    For the last several years, rates have increased often. We have wholesale contracts with our Hotels and Resorts which offer a tiered rate structure - and those booking early receive the lower rates. The wholesale & discounted airfares offered in our Packages have limited seating per flight which go quickly - and the airlines have reduced flights to Hawaii for cost efficiency although the number of travelers to Hawaii have increased - therefore, book as soon as possible to secure your space at the lowest rates!

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