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    • Congratulations, you are now on your way to beautiful Hawaii! We are honored that you have chosen Aloha Hawaiian Vacations for your Hawaiian vacation experience! Now that you are enrolled, here is a general layout of what comes next. Please take a moment to read through and familiarize yourself - so you will know what to expect.
  • 1. Within 24 hours of enrolling, you will be emailed your Enrollment Form to promptly review, sign and send back to us. It will be sent to you via EchoSign.

    2. You will be receipted on the Enrollment Form for your deposit payment. Please use your credit card statement/s and/or bank statement/s as receipt confirmation for all additional payments. If you did not set up auto-payments for your balance, please call 1-888-425-6422 or email [email protected] by 69 days prior to your departure date to make your balance payment. The Balance Due Date is listed on your Enrollment Form. Please mark your calendar as we do not bill. Those whose deposit was Payment-In-Full may disregard this.

    3. If you did not select any/all of possible activity choices at time of enrollment, please contact your booking agent promptly to lock in your selections. Your booking agent's direct toll-free phone number will be listed on the lower portion of your Enrollment Form. Failure to select activity choices could result in delayed shipment of your Vacation Itinerary & Vouchers.

    4. 50-45 days prior to your travel date, Customer Support will contact you to reconfirm your shipping address and to "touch-base" in general with you.

    5. You will receive your Vacation Itinerary & Vouchers package 10 - 14 days prior to your travel date. Customer Support sends these via USPS and signature required to verify your receipt of these. Tracking information will be sent from USPS to your email address, that Customer Support has on file, once it has been shipped.

    6. When you receive your Vacation Itinerary & Vouchers please carefully review and familiarize yourself with them, and call Customer Support with any questions you may have - before coming to Hawaii.


    Call 888-425-6422
    (Mainland USA & Canada)
    Call Between The Hours Of 9am Thru 10pm Eastern Time
    Email: [email protected]

    Mahalo (thank you) again for your business and the confidence you have placed with us. We will do our best to see you receive the dream vacation to Hawaii that you are expecting.

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